Thursday, September 13, 2012


i went to singapore last week, which was on the  6th. jalan2 habis duit. hahah. i stayed at arianna hotel which is just in front of mustafa centre. 

singapore trip was quite excellent in term of public transportation. mrts and buses are everywhere. and the fare is reasonable. please do not convert the fare to malaysian ringgit.

inside a bus

the bus stand

a school if im not mistaken

bicycle bay at mrt

marina bay 

got the opportunity to taste iga bakar

orchard rd at night


changi train

prayer room

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


its almost 2 months i was absence from this blog. but i need some sort of therapy tonight. i just wanna share you something that i did a fortnight ago and last weekend. 2 different places, and different motives.

i went to bintulu on the Aug30th to do some survey work. a friend of mine, qkap who works  in bintulu asking me for a favor to help him doing a survey job there. so i had to drive about 9 hours approximately from kuching to reach bintulu. my father followed me halfway to bintangor as he went back to visit my grandma there. another friend of mine, ayong joined me in sibu. i picked him at wisma san yan and we continued our journey to bintulu. that was the first time in my life i drove such a long distance in sarawak. below are some pictures taken at the site. the weather was quite hot during the time i was doing the job.

and the surface condition is not very good. sloppy area and there were water logs, quicksands and swamps in that area. it was quite challenging for me since i had not been doing any survey job for almost 2 years. there's one time i was stuck in the quicksands and luckily ayong was there to help me.

my site was located at the junction of taman negara similajau's road entrance

and this was the price i had to pay for that job. heheheh


Friday, July 20, 2012

marhaban ya ramadhan

bulan yang berkat. harap dapat tingkatkan amalan. amar makruf nahi mungkar.
tinggalkan tabiat buruk. dan jadilah insan yang bertaqwa

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Go Bald

Go bald is an awareness cum fundraising event for the Sarawak Children Cancer Society. By shaving our heads we aim to send the message to children that hair loss is only a temporary setback in their road to recovery. I can consider myself as one of the participants although i wasn't in kuching on that day. 
this is me

n this is my brother.

we are supporting this cause because this is the least that we could do. and you are welcome to join us and donate some money directly to this Sarawak Children Cancer Society. i'd seen children who suffered from various type of cancer and they are in need of the community support. we have to be with them to give motivation and cheer them up. it hurts to see them suffer. so let us pray for them towards speedy recovery and they could be like others. i have known someone who suffered from leukemia but with God's will, he recovered and now become healthy and having a good life. 
for more info, you can always visit their official facebook page here.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

lama sudah menyepi

not because im not interested in writing anymore but im quite busy with work. i left kuching for malaya more than a month already. travelling around malaya and some shit happened.the most notable was involved in my first major accident. it was saturday night on april28th, around 10 pm while i was on my way to murni discovery @aman suria. 

this was how it happened. my fella lend me her car since she was going to bali for a week. my journey was marked with red line. the white line is where the direction is suppose to. while i was making a left turn.. suddenly a motorcycle (marked with green line) passed through my way and i couldn't do anything but an emergency break. i didn't make it and i hit them. they caught with minor injuries and their motorcycle was ok but the car was badly crash. the motorcyclists was  indian who came from india. and they can't speak malay at all. this made my problem became worse because i was seeking for some compensation. and somehow he called his friends to negotiate with me since he can speak malay. but the problem is those indian always putar belit. it took me almost 3 hours to get some compensation. only when i threaten them to make a police report then he negotiated with me. i only managed to get rm300 from them although i knew it was insufficient. they did promise to me to repair the car on the next day but i didn't want to take a risk. i know they wouldn't dare to show up on the next day. i repaired the car already and it cost me rm1100. so i had to forked rm800 out of my bank. i feel robbed by them but i do think positively. its qada' and qadr.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

i need to move on

i just realized that i changed a lot.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

i listened to the khutbah in iban

i went to the islamic information centre kuching to perform my friday prayer. i prefer to go there instead of kenyalang mosque because i love to listen to the khutbah in english. this pusat islam is slightly different than other mosque because the khutbah is in english. but last afternoon, the khutbah was in iban language. i was surprised...
i can't understand what did tok  imam said during the khutbah but luckily they did give the translation on in the screen...